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American Vehicle Services @ RACE

We make no excuse for our love of all things from the US of A here at RACE HQ, so much so that our road fleet is compromised of 80% American Metal! 

As such, we are very proud to support any type of American Vehicle here at our workshops. We have extensive knowledge of the vast majority of the various brands and have full, up to date Diagnostics capability to suit. 


Servicing and Maintaining your car are paramount to it's longevity and your enjoyment of it. However, not all workshops are created equally! 

Here at RACE, Specialist cars are our passion and this extends to the care and detail we attend your vehicle with. From something as oddball as our own Lincoln LS through to some of our customers extreme use Track Cars - they're all cared for here and we are happy to offer this service to you and your vehicle too. 


What we feel we do best and out customers agree on! - Making things better, faster or indeed stronger!

We have direct links with many American Performance parts manufacturers and suppliers, to the point where we carry out R&D for some of them on our own vehicles, so we can confidently say that we can source anything you require, for any vehicle and at a respectable rate. Professional knowledge of the products along with their installation and setup is second nature to us, so you can rest assured that your upgrades will function exactly as intended! 


As part of the services we offer, we are happy to take any perceived pain out of importing, converting or IVA testing your new to the UK vehicle. Regardless of its size, age or intended use. 

We have contacts from East Coast to West to assist us in sourcing a vehicle too if you require. 

We have gone through the whole procedure from start to finish many times, having built vehicles from Barn Find to Show Stopper! 


Please don't hesitate to get in touch for anything we can help with! 

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