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RACE Rallysport revealed at Rockingham!

The RACE Team headed out to attend the Rockingham Christmas Cruise on December 27th, armed with their Ginetta G55 GT4 Supercup car along with the RWD Ford Puma Tarmac Rally Car.

Both vehicles made their public debut for the Lincoln based team and sported the new to be rolled out RACE Branding, designed, exceptionally as always, by the industry leading team at Allen Signs (

The Ginetta was out for it's first shakedown since purchase and first pedaling duties were given to RACE's own "Semi-Tame" Racing driver, Ollie Jackson to iron out any issues. The car was given a very general setup and other than the limitations of that, it performed extremely well for both Ollie and Team Principal Ryan Connolly who also took to the track in the G55.

Seats are available in the Ginetta for any eligible series, so RACE Welcome any interested parties to get in touch. We have our own intentions with the car also, so please feel free to email to express your interest!

The main focus on the event was to say a thank you to the team members, all of whom got the chance to take out the Group 4 Spec Puma Rally Car onto the National Circuit at Rockingham.

This also gave the first opportunity to put the Puma through it's paces on track since undergoing some massive re-engineering works since it's purchase. The car showed very good potential and we are sure will only be getting faster as the season progresses!

As part of the re branding, this was also the opportunity to soft launch RACE Rallysport, a dedicated side to the business which will solely focus on, as the name suggests, Rallying/Rallycross etc. RACE has its roots in off road Motorsports and we feel this is an ideal way of being able to offer services, parts, equipment & advice alongside the rest of the business.

First event for the RACE Rallysport Pairing of Ryan Connolly (Driver) and Craig Scoffings (Navigator) is on February 19th at the Snetterton Stage Rally which we are looking forward to massively!

RACE Staff on event were:-

Ryan Connolly & Chris Allen


Ollie Jackson, Ryan Connolly, Shaun Ely & Steve Slawson


Allen Signs, Alcon Components, Mackinnon Construction, Beavis Morgan, Showtrax, Corbeau, Tyre & Tech Lincoln & Ginetta Cars.

RACE would also like to thank:-

Emma Wilde for being awesome and all of the Rockingham Staff that put the event on!

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