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RACE RallySport - Achievement Unlocked at Cadwell Park

Duck Finally Broken, The "Pooma" Claimed it's first podium on Sunday 18th November at RACE's home venue of Cadwell Park, for the NHMC Stages, Round 2 of the MSN Circuit Rally Championship.

Seeded a lowly 49th, even following the team's 25th Overall finish at Round One, they quickly dismissed that after stage one, sitting 27th Overall.

Stage Two didn't quite go to plan, as driver Ryan Connolly admit's:

"The Circuit looked to be warmer and dryer than it actually was, whilst our Michelin R11's are superb, I didn't give them the time they needed to warm up and pushed way too hard, way too soon and paid the price with two spin's in one stage, pretty much unheard of for us, however, my mistake and I will own up to that!"

From there on out, the new duo, with Chris Allen stepping in to the Co-Driver's seat for the first time and now for the remainder of the season, pushed hard at the right times, even winning Stage 6 in class by three seconds and joint 11th overall.

Keeping it on track was the aim and using all of his circuit experience, Ryan kept the RWD Puma doing what it needed, getting through the traffic as efficiently as possible and ended the day in total darkness a stunning 2nd in class and 17th Overall.

Round Three see's the team taking the long drive north to Scotland, to visit the picturesque Knockhill Racing Circuit on December 8/9th 2018.

Can the team take that extra step up on the Class C podium? Stay tuned to find out!

RACE Staff on event were:-

Ryan Connolly, Chris Allen, Alex Ward, Charlie Oldman


Ryan Connolly


Chris Allen


Allen Signs, Alcon Components, Tyre & Tech Lincoln, Longman Racing, AiM Technologies, Michelin Motorsport, Protyre Motorsport, Allen Signs

RACE would also like to thank:-

Dianne Barker, Neil Drewery, Peggy Pritchard, Rhean Peters, Sarah Cheshire, David Allen, Elliot Downs, Katie Davies,

Tom Fellowes, Adrian & Julie Wagstaff, Nick Booth, Nigel Speed, Ian & Jill Drewery, Darren Spann & The Staff from the MSN Circuit Rally Championship

Photo Credit:-

Craig Toull - CRT Motorsport Photograpgy

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