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RACE RallySport Debut at Snetterton

After Months of development, trials and tribulations, RACE finally debuted the RallySport brand in competition at the MSV owned Snetterton circuit in Norfolk in the form of it's RWD Group 4 Spec Ford Puma.

Finally finished...

Showing off it's new colours of Grey and Satin black along with it's new Allen Signs Motorsport Graphics to add to the new RACE Group Corporate image, the team are genuinely made up with how she turned out.

After a very, very promising start from being seeded 73rd from 85, as it was the crew's first ever rally, along with the car's, by the end of the second stage the Ryan Connolly and Craig Scoffings were up to 52nd and feeling confident about getting into the top 45, which was the goal for the day.

Unfortunately - unforeseeable issue's do occur and on SS3, a Fuel Injector locked open and caused the pair to stop on stage before temporarily curing the issue and restarting. This resulted in a 12m00s Stage Maximum time and ultimately put the pair to the back of the results. Not the way the day was planned!

So from there on, it was just a development day and giving the crew the much needed seat time. The Injector issue reared it's head again during the day on two further occasions so it's time for the injection system to receive an upgrade and remove all the remaining OEM Honda parts.

When the car was running, it was running brilliantly and the crew even posted stage times in the top 16 of the class before the day was out and bar a wheel fitment issue and the aforementioned injector fault, the RACE RallySport Puma was superb. It does require much more development for the suspension and damping but this will all come in time.

It's new Alcon front brakes were immeasurably good and allowed the Puma to drastically outbrake nearly all other competitors, once the body roll and stiffness are sorted to allow the car more corner speed, the team are confident that the Puma will be a force to be reckoned with as were some of the officials and the circuit commentator!

A Promising Start for the affectionately named "Pooma"!

For now, please enjoy the photo's, to which credit must be given to Steve Slawson of Eastcoast Motorsport.

RACE Staff on event were:-

Ryan Connolly, Craig Scoffings, Chris Allen, Steve Slawson and Amy Rawlinson


Ryan Connolly


Craig Scoffings


Allen Signs, Alcon Components, Tyre & Tech Lincoln, Braid Wheels

RACE would also like to thank:-

Ollie Jackson, Emma Wilde, Clare Harbord, David Allen & The Staff from the MSN Circuit Rally Championship

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